“Smart organisations scale principles, not practices”

– Joshua Kerievsky

Our experienced agile delivery practitioners have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. We help drive sustainable improvements to the way that projects are delivered and the capabilities of the teams we are working with. We have the experience, pragmatism and determination to identify the scaling patterns that will work best for each context. This helps our clients retain focus on driving great customer outcomes whatever their size.

We have experience of working with the common scaling frameworks such as LeSS and SAFe. We can help you choose the best fit for your organisation or pick the elements of each that you can tailor to your own approach.

The changes we make last for the long term. We can help you craft career paths that attract and retain the best talent in the market and ensure that your teams contain the key roles required for sustained success.

AginicDS coaches have international experience working with some of the most mature agile companies in the world. We offer insights from other agile journeys that will help avoid some of the common pitfalls that can prevent organisations from maintaining their success in delivering products and projects.