“Products are not just for Christmas”

– Meri Williams, CTO MOO Print Ltd

When creating a new product or customer experience, it’s important to think about maintaining the long term health and growth of the product and bake this into the approach to building it. In other words we ensure that the new product is created by a team able to support it, grow it and even retire it once launched. This helps make sure that teams and organisations don’t become burdened by technical debt and can create sustainable patterns for future product launches or enhancements.

At AginicDS we understand the craft and focus required to develop truly great products and experiences for customers. We help product owners develop their skills and focus on their customers. All of our delivery leaders are skilled facilitators and are able to bring teams together and accelerate their ability to work together effectively in order to solve problems and achieve a great result.

Through our partnership with Aginic, we empower product owners with dashboards and reporting insights that enable data driven decision making. We are able to provide big visible indicators to the commercial and technical health of the product and thereby help power effective prioritisation and investment decisions.